NRI – Non Resident Indian

NRI – Non Resident India  A Non Resident Indian (NRI) as per India’s Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 (FEMA), is an Indian citizen or Foreign National of Indian Origin resident outside India for purposes of employment.  Carrying on business or vocation in circumstances as would indicate an intention to stay outside India for an indefinite […]

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NRE NRO Account

NRE & NRO account NRE & NRO both Accounts are for Non Resident Indian. As an NRI (Non-Resident Indian)  think of investing in India,NRI account means  (Non-Resident Indian)  think of investing in India, the first thing which comes to mind must be to open an NRE (Non-Resident Rupee) account or NRO (Non-Resident Ordinary Rupee) account. […]

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LIC policy premium payment

LIC Policy premium payment Pay LIC premium online with or without registration through website Online Payment Gateway is LIC’s initiative to provide you with on demand service within a few clicks! You can now have many of the functionalities that were available only at a branch office, online at your fingertips. The payment gateway […]

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LIC Tax Saving Plans  LIC Tax saving plans with life insurance and guaranteed returns are considered to be the best of all Investments for salaried  people and businessmen. LIC Tax Saving plans can be started with minimum of Rs. 1,000/- and by investing regularly and it gives dual Tax benefits under Income Tax Act. As LIC […]

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SIP – Systematic Investment plan

SIP – Systematic Investment plan Why Systematic Investment plan in Mutual Funds ? SIP – Systematic Investment plan has its inherent benefits like rupee cost averaging, easy on pocket, generating long-term return which beats inflation and many more. But what is unique to SIP is the unmatched flexibilities that it offers in form of Regular, […]

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CREDIT CARDS Credit Cards from LIC of India had introduced LIC Credit Cards in association with AXIS Bank. LIC credit Cards are Life Time Free, No Renewal / Joining. LIC cards helps in effective days of grace period – Earning of double reward points. Pay LIC Life Insurance premium by LIC Credit card and on […]

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LIC Jeevan Akshay plan

LIC Jeevan Akshay plan LIC Jeevan Akshay plan is a single premium, Immediate Annuity plan. This immediate retirement plan which provides monthly pension throughout the life on one-time premium payment. Jeevan Akshay VI Pension Plan offered by LIC helps the individuals adequately for their retirement. With the high-speed rise in the cost of basic needs, […]

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LIC Jeevan Anand plan

LIC Jeevan Anand plan LIC Jeevan Anand Plan has made a very big impact in Indian Insurance Industry after its launch. LIC Jeevan Anand plan is a participating non-linked plan which offers an attractive combination of protection and savings. This combination provides financial protection against death throughout the lifetime of the policyholder with the provision of […]

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LIC Jeevan Umang Plan

LIC Jevan Umang Plan LIC Jeevan Umang plan is non-linked, whole life assurance plan with profits. This plan provides annual survival benefits at the end of the completion of premium payment up to 100 years of age and a maturity lump sum amount at maturity of term or death of the policyholder during the term. […]

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