Why LIC Jeevan Shanti plan

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Why LIC Jeevan Shanti plan

Why LIC Jeevan Shanti plan best for all pensioners and investors because this plan is a deferred pension plan and provides best annuity if opted pension after 10 to 15 years.

This product is one which answers every objection that can be raised about insurance as an investment. 
1. No Capital Risk (Capital Protected and will be returned)
2. No Returns Risk (Returns once contracted are protected for lifetime)
3. No Inflation Risk (increased risk cover and higher amount for deffered pension)
4. No Rejection Risk (Non Medical)
5. No Liquidity Risk (Loan and Surrender available)
6. No Institutional Risk (LIC backed by Government)
7. No Market Risk (Non Ulip)
8. No Continuity Risk (Income Guaranteed at all times) especially for youngsters who jump jobs.
9. No Reinvestment Risk (No in between rollover of interest rates)
10. No Credit Risk (It’s LIC backed by Government)
11. No Concentration Risk (LIC the one place where you can put all your eggs because LIC invests prudently)
12. No Horizon Risk (will cover risk and pay pension even if there is disability, loss of job etc. Objective of savings continues come accident, disease or death of LA and pension for partner)
13. No Call Risk (LIC won’t unilaterally stop the scheme and refund amount)
14. No Political Risk (LIC stands tall and is much needed for garnering savings and spread of insurance in India)
15. No Climate Risk (Come rain, shine or floods)
16. No Exchange Rate risk for resident Indians (Invested in India in Indian Rupees)
Therefore as a solid no risk investment Jeevan Shanti  compares *advantageously against all the following:*
1. Post office (Horizon, interest rate, reinvestment, Inflation risks)
2. PF (Interest rate, Inflation Risks)
3. FD (Interest rate, horizon risk, Inflation Risks)
4. RD (Interest rate, horizon risk,  Inflation Risks)
5. ULIP (Market Risk, Timing risk)
6. MF Single deposits (Market Risk, Timing risk)
7. MF SIPs (Market risk, timing risk)
8. Stock Market (Market risk, timing risk)
9. Infrastructure Bonds (Horizon Risk, call risk)
10. Corporate Bonds (Credit risk, institution rating risk, call risk)
11. Gold (liquidity risk, wastage risk, physical storage risk, resale value risk)
12. Real Estate (Depreciation risk, resale value risk, sellers market risk, liquidity risk, other costs risk)
13. Commodities (Climate, Exchange Rates, Market Risks)
This and there are many more advantages to why LIC Jeevan Shanti plan for your future.

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